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Brianna the Attorney

Brianna was a girl that was loved by every person and in addition to that, by her parents. Brianna had a short form name and that was bri but in addition to that, she also really loved her parents. One thing that was interesting is the fact that her father wanted to have a son and when Brianna was born, she started treating her like one. She was very smart in addition to that, she had very strong qualities and she was also faster compared to any man that was around her. Some of the things that she learned from a very young age and that is, six years old was, martial arts, golf and also fencing and this is because, her father had enrolled her into these classes. Brianna also had knowledge of a number of foreign languages because the father had insisted on hiring a tutor that will be there to help. When she was in high school, she was very disciplined and her body was also very athletic but in addition to that, she also had a perfect GPA.

Apart from the fact that she was the captain of the golf team, she was also the captain of the lacrosse team and these are just some of the things that made her parents very proud of her. When asked by her parents what you wanted to become, Brianna answered that she wanted to become a lawyer because this was the dream that the parents had for her. Because she was very good at doing everything that she set her mind to, everyone believed that she would love to be a lawyer. As she continued, she attended the University of Virginia where she had the perfect GPA all through but in addition, she was also a member of the golf teams and also, the lacrosse team. At the school, she was also a member of the tae kwon do club that was available.

In this university, she went on to fall in love with the mountains that were there in the Shenandoah Valley. She chose the law schools that you wanted to attend and she opted for the one that is available in the Washington and Lee University. Everyone was proud of her because she attended the law school and after that, did her internship which led to her graduation where she had passed with flying colors.