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New Changes on the ACA

You can easily learn that there are some changes that have been embraced in the health insurance sector. In as much as there has been turbulence, calmness has finally come in to reign. You will also note that there have been a few attempts to have the ACA law scrapped. These attempts have turned out to be futile. However, there are certain changes that we must appreciate. These changes have been done by the existing regime. There are certain pillars that have been removed or altered. A number of the most common features include the following.

You will note that the individual mandate has been done away with. This was basically aimed at making sure that various individuals are not made vulnerable to a tax penalty in the event that they do not enroll for the ACA. This indeed is a welcome thought among so many people. This has also been witnessed as one of the major enablers of bringing down the budgetary costs of the government. This also implies that those who deem themselves fit and healthy are given the option to circumvent enrolling. One will be able to do this without facing the risk of a punitive measure. You will also realize that there has been an eradication of the cost-sharing reductions. This was an executive order that was seeking to make sure that payers who were selling individual health plans do not have access to these CSRs. Premiums will see a steady upward growth as a result. Most people are expecting that a policy will be put in place to make sure that there is regulation in the rising of rates.

There has also been an expansion of the AHP availability. Basically, this is all about increasing the time within which a particular individual can be covered by this AHP. It also allows people to have their AHP coverage paid for by health reimbursement agreements. These AHPs will often attract a smaller cost on premium. This move will certainly attract a good number of people. People are assured of being covered in the long term at a cost of a short term cover.

You will also note that there has been a rise in the promotion of Medicaid waivers. In this case, each state is asked to address specific healthcare issues that directly affect them. This does imply that the state will be given the room to customize both eligibility and resource allocation. There are states that have expanded this to include economic healthcare barriers. These waivers also aim at ensuring that there is an increase in the number of beds in medical facilities.

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